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Fans of Sci-Fi or not, Prospect is a Must-See.

November is a big month for movies. And Prospect sets the month off right with a sci-fi/coming of age film that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

We spent some time with one of the movie's standout stars, Sophie Thatcher, to talk about the movie, her first love, and how she deals with the stress of being an actress.

NON: Your performance in The Prospect is phenomenal. You have even won best actress at some of the film festivals where this film was shown! What does it mean to you to win these awards?

Sophie: I'm obviously honored! I've never gotten a trophy before and I received a trophy with this little elf on it(laughs.) It's pretty epic!

NON: So can you tell us a brief summary or synopsis of the film?

Sophie: I play Cee, a 14-year old girl who tags along with her father on these "jobs" while they travel across planets. She's never had a stable life growing up or social life, so she fully immerses herself in books and music. Through these resources she can create a disconnect from reality and it allows her a means to escape. She's resourceful, independent, and a great role model for anyone who feels out of place.

NON: Do you relate to your character in the movie?

Sophie: I can relate to her feeling "out of place" and never having a definite social life. I've been working most of life as an actor. I started in theater, which meant I was taken out of school most of the time, so I definitely felt like an outsider not being exposed to the social norms for people my age. Also, the fact that she uses music as an escape, music is my first's so important to me. I understand how it can help someone through hard times.

NON: Since you are lover of music? What are you listening to now?

Sophie: That's such a loaded question(laughs.) My favorite artist of all time is Elliott Smith. I saw Animal Collective perform a couple of months ago and that performance stuck with me. They performed Sung Tongs and that was pretty insane(laughs.) I, also, love Radiohead. I saw them perform a couple of years ago play A Moon Shaped Pool. I like Fiona Apple...I like a bunch of artists. I can go on and on(laughs.) My hope is to make music some day. I'm glad that acting is working out for me, but my primary goal is to make music. Music is my first love.

NON: This film as been described as a western sci-fi movie. Are you a fan of sci-fi movies?

Sophie: Before this, I would have never considered my self a fan of science fiction movies. I took some classes in film and we went through a lot of classics through the decades. I watched a couple of Stanley Kubrick films. I watched 2001: A Space Odyssey, Dr. Strangelove, and Clockwork Orange. One of my favorite films is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, that incorporates drama and sci-fi elements. Kate Winslet is one of my favorite actresses.

NON: She is one of our favorites too! We have loved everything she has done, except for one movie. In the movie Titanic, at the very end of the film, we think she had more than enough room for Jack to fit on that big piece of wood. He could have totally survived too(laughs.)

Sophie: (Laughs.) Yes, but I think that's more of the director's fault(laughs.)

NON: Speaking of awesome actors, you worked with two awesome actors in this film, Jay Duplass and Pedro Pascal. How was it like working with them?

Sophie: They taught me so much. Pedro is an incredible actor. He's very generous and a pleasant scene partner. Before takes he would always bring this lightheartedness, but when the camera was on he was able to just flip a switch immediately. It was incredible to watch him transform into this other character. And Jay Duplass , who is like the king of indie films, he was helping all of us the first couple of weeks. He has so much experience creating his own stuff. He was such a cool Dad to me(laughs.)

NON: This movie has some intense scenes and we know we can't really talk about the film yet because it would be all spoilers(laughs.) It really showcases the skills of all the actors in the film. It kept us guessing the whole time. How do you draw inspiration for some of those intense scenes?

Sophie: The director really helps. And the costume I had to wear, I've received a lot of questions about the costume and how it affected my acting. I had that visor/helmet on the whole shoot. It served as an acting tool, once I put on the helmet I became the character. It helped that we filmed in a forest so I was reacting to my surroundings.

NON: Who are some of your favorite actresses?

Sophie: Like I said earlier, Kate Winslet. I love Carey Mulligan, she was in a film called An Education. She was great in that. I love Michelle Williams, her performance in Manchester by the Sea was amazing! Gena Rowlands is great, I loved her in A Woman under the Influence. And also, Natassja Kinski in Paris, Texas. That's one of my favorite films and her performance was stunning.

NON: Do you see yourself just being in front of the camera or would you be into being behind the camera a director?

Sophie: I would definitely be into that. I am an artist and into doing anything with performing.

NON: We are a podcast that focuses on anxiety and depression and how we cope or escape it. Do you

have anything that you do to deal with mental illness?

Sophie: I've had anxiety and depression my whole life. I don't know how open I can be about it. There's so much anxiety that goes with acting. You always feel like there are expectations to look a certain way, to be skinny enough. But, I think that those standards are changing and really opening up. We are starting to see a bigger diversity in things and that makes me feel good. I go into things just trying to be myself. You have to stay honest to yourself.

NON: We use different kinds of escapes to get us through tough times. So, music is your main way to escape?

Sophie: Yes, but acting is too. There may be expectations that come with acting, but it still helps. With music, you can just be free to express what you want. It can get you through a tough day. You can just play a favorite song and it can set your mood. Like a song that as a connection to a very good memory.

Prospect opens in theaters on November 2!

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