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Growing up in a small town didn't stop Danielle from having dreams of world domination. A self-proclaimed "gleek", Miss De La Torre found inspiration through TV and movies to help her during tough times in high school. She created in order to  reach out and help others who find themselves in similar situations.

Danielle De La Torre

Daniel Dayao

A man of TOO many words, Dan has the weird super power of being funny and irritating at the same time. He considers himself an extroverted introvert and loves video games, "rom-coms," and eating anything that's powdered or glazed. Divorced and a single father, he has avoided his self-prophecy as the "old guy in a bathrobe living with 20 cats."

Kali Grant

Also born and raised in a small town, this Ravenclaw felt she belonged more in Hogwarts than her small surroundings. But, it was this town that helped develop the skills she needed to create No Budget Productions and take control as our video production manager and graphic designer. Kali is an avid reader, so don't take it too seriously if she is reading a book instead of talking to you, it's just that the book is more interesting. 

Lilli Danner

Also known as Poofysushi, Lilli has been a nerd since she could pick up a video game controller. You can find her on Twitch dominating any shooter she can get her hands on and uses her gaming as a way to escape anxiety and depression. This "trekkie" knows her way around an oven and has been helping the other Nerds gain weight because of her delicious and nerdy creations.

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