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When Nerds Watch Netflix: Iron Fist S2 Review!

Beware: Spoilery ensues.

While I fully enjoyed IF S1, I also fully recognized its many flaws. Season 2 however is a definite improvement over its predecessor, though not without flaws of its own.

My biggest gripe with S1 was Danny’s seemingly incessant whine of, “...But, I’m the Immortal Iron Fist!” In S2 we have MUCH less whinery. Here the theme is still identity, but with side-dishes of addiction, and co-dependance. The new refrain, “Who am I supposed to be?” comes from several members of our cast.

On the topic of a really good cast we have a couple of fantastic character arcs embodied by Ward Meachum played by Tom Pelphrey and Joy Meachum played by Jessica Stroup. The two have an especially interesting journey. And Pelphrey has one of the most moving moments in recent memory. Davos played by Sacha Dhawan is fairly one-note. The actor had no lighter notes so that his heavy, self-righteousness became the same-ol' drag a lot of the time he was on-screen. That being said he did play, as intended, intense, self-righteous, pretty well. Mary/Walker played by Alice Eve did a good job of separating her 2 characters. Her Mary was excellent, very absorbing. I loved walker’s tactical interjections. I’m not sure what the actress was shooting for with the somewhat robotic portrayal of walker. Having known both Special Forces operators and people with DID, neither acted as strangely as Walker did. It left me trying to figure out what this robot-behavior was. Turns out it was only distracting.

Misty Knight played by Simone Missick is always a solid presence and interesting to watch, imbuing her character with a great combination of brains, strength, and humor.

Chen Wu played by Fernando Chien provided some small and surprising comic relief and was enjoyable to watch. He’s one of those actors you find yourself smiling when their next scene comes up, looking forward to seeing what they have in store as an actor.

Mika Prada played by Julee Cerda was an excellent addition who brought, in addition to some excellent acting, a much needed change-up from the heavy, somber tone. The change-up came by way of some interesting, unique sexual tension.

The relationship between Danny and Colleen did not become “real” to my senses. From the opening they are on a 1st date and we are like, wait, what, when did this become a thing? Did we miss an episode? And then they have moved in together. We have absolutely no sense of them building a relationship, or getting to know each other better; who is the one that does not like to hold hands? Why do they not walk with arms around each other like most new couples do? No all-day-sex, or at least every-chance-you-can-get? The “relationship” is never really believable.

I really loved the path the Iron Fist itself took. I honestly did NOT anticipate that path... at all. I enjoyed the flashbacks to K’un Lun and wanted to see more. Speaking of K’un Lun: WHEN ARE WE GONNA SEE THAT FREAKIN’ DRAGON?!?

Over all it was an enjoyable journey, full of revelations and I am really looking forward to the next season with the new Iron Fist, the new weapons, the new Ward, and whatever they discover in their travels.

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