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Outside Lands: Interview with AJNA!

August 16, 2018

                                                                                                            Courtesy of Outside Lands by


AJNA rocked one of the biggest stages at one of the biggest music festivals in the world. This could easily be the pinnacle of any performer's career, but for this group comprised with members from all corners of the is only just the beginning.


But, it was definitely a journey to get to the Lands End stage on Sunday. AJNA competed with over 300 acts to earn the right to be sent by Berklee Popular Music Institute. The competition compared social media presence, live showcases, and many other factors with AJNA left as one of the musical acts near the top of the mountain.


We spent some time with AJNA and they were absolutely humbled by the magnitude of playing at Outside Lands.


NON: First of all, where does the name AJNA come from?


AJNA: The name comes from the Buddhist term for the third eye. We feel the name is a representation of              the different realities that people connect to. Especially when they are dreaming and they become              lucid. It's like an extension of or thinking beyond that, like what we experienced today.


NON: So we recently listened to you new EP Uncensored Spaces, and there was one song that really hit                   home with us....Cry a Little Louder. We sensed a lot of emotion with that song, can someone talk a                 bit about the feelings that go into that song?


AJNA: This song is about the limitations you have around you. The stuff that keeps you from doing what                you want to come out of you. It is about letting go of yourself and accept everything that is inside

            you, seeing what is real and what is not.


NON: How would you describe your sound?


AJNA: If it's one word, it's psychadelic because it's trippy. But, if it's a whole rant, it's not old school                         psychadelic, we don't sound like The Beatles. We all come from different musical backgrounds

           and that is what makes our own style. Sometimes, having different musical styles can sound like

           a salad, where you can tell what each person in the group is listening to. That can make it sound

           incohesive. But, sometimes these different styles will make it sound like a shake. It blends well and   

           mixes well, it's one sound...we are a milkshake


NON: About those different styles and sounds, can you name some of your musical influences?


AJNA: Pink Floyd, Radiohead, The Gorillaz, Bon Iver, James Blake,  and My Bloody Valentine. We all like                           jazz, also.


NON: Music tastes are different, but sometimes we have some songs on our playlists that no one would

           expect. Anyone want to share someone they like that no one would ever expect?


AJNA: Well, one of us likes Charlie Puth! Especially that song, We Don't Talk Anymore.


NON: Our podcast is all about Nerd Culture. Does anyone in the band love anything in Nerd Culture?


AJNA: Yes, our drummer loves video games. He grew up playing DOTA 2 and World of Warcraft!


NON: Oh ok, if that's the case...horde or alliance?


AJNA: Alliance!


NON: Good, we get along then.


The tour doesn't end after Outside Lands, AJNA is travelling to New York to work on new music and play some gigs in that local scene.


You can find their EP Uncensored Spaces on Spotify, Google Play, and iTunes!






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