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Sometimes inspiration can hit from unlikely situations, but the story behind the upcoming movie Puppet Killer came from an extra special place...during a musical scene with puppets dancing in the streets. Lisa Ovies stood by with a few of her friends and watched the puppets singing and lightning struck.

“...wouldn’t it be crazy if we did something where these puppets end up slicing people up?”

It was meant to be a joke, but the idea lingered in Lisa’s head. The idea grew as she started to see where the film could go and what it could be. And what happened was a love story dedicated to old slasher films and its fans.

But Miss Ovies knew what she needed to make this project happen and it didn’t take long for others to get behind the film. Luckily, Lisa had already had an extensive knowledge of the industry due to the many “hats” she wore working on various sets and productions behind and in front of the camera.

“...what’s awesome is the people who are helping this project. It’s amazing, I had so much fun working with the talent and my friends on this movie.”

The “talent” on this project is an understatement. The film includes an all-star cast that probably has some of the most binge-worthy TV shows filling up your DVR as we speak. The cast includes Richard Harmon (The 100, Bates Motel), Aleks Paunovic (War for the Planet of the Apes, iZombie), and Lee Majdoub(Supernatural.) And with Miss Ovies behind the camera, this movie will be sure to bring the chills and laughs.

Puppet Killer is in great hands. Lisa Ovies is no stranger to winning awards for her accomplishments and her biggest influences should tell you this film is headed in the right direction.

“...I’ve always loved Quentin Tarantino and Kevin Smith. They definitely shaped my view as a director and producer.”

Those two influences speak to the inspiration of this film which promises to be a love letter to classic slasher films such as Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Child’s Play. These movies represent a time in film history that dominated our hearts as well as our nightmares growing up.

But, what made us love Lisa even more is the fact that we fight the same battle as her.

“I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for a while. But, it wasn’t into about three years ago that I became more vocal with it. I was scared because of what I want to do in this industry. I didn’t want people thinking I couldn’t handle being a director and deal with the stress of it. It’s just scary putting yourself out there.”

This is something near and dear to our hearts. Sometimes, the mental battle is tough and it is a daily struggle. But, seeing Lisa’s bravery with these issues becomes another hand to hold and another sign that we are not alone in our fight. That’s not the only reason why we love her, she is also the owner of Rogue Studios, where she also runs a children’s school for acting.

“...being a child in this business is tough. You don’t know what to expect and what is expected of you. This school helps

this whole process. To make it easier for children and help them learn from real people who have been in this industry and continue to work in this industry.”

She’s done everything in this business but one thing she will not do is remake some of her favorite films.

“...some films should never be remade. Reservoir Dogs....True Romance. Those two ar

e already perfect. I love those movies.”

One thing we do know, is that we will love Puppet Killer , which will be hitting a film festival near you early next year. And that one day, Lisa Ovies will become someone else’s “Quentin Tarantino or Kevin Smith.”

Check out the trailer here!

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