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Harry Potter: The Wand Collection!

Our friends at Insight Editions have done it again! Could there ever be a more beautiful or comprehensive book on wands? I think not.

Harry Potter: The Wand Collection by Monique Peterson is a beautiful tribute to the labor and love that went into the making of each character’s wands. “It is unusual for a for a film, to have an art director dedicated specifically to props, but the sheer volume of such items that needed to be designed from scratch was so vast, the position continued through the entire series of Harry Potter films”.

The first thing you will notice about this book is the unique shape. It’s long and skinny and perfect for displaying wands. I love the look of the wooden and ebony wands against the black backgrounds. It looks like something that should be framed on the wall. My favorite wand in the books is Hagrid’s. He gets a special display that you won’t wand to miss.

What is so unique about this book is that it gives you not only information about the wand of a specific character but also behind the scenes notes from Art director Hattie Storey and quotes from the actors. “Actor Matthew Lewis never expected his character, Neville, would fight Death Eaters as he does in the Ministry of Magic. ‘He’s still messing up,’ Lewis recalls. ‘But he was brave enough to go out and he raised his wand and he was fighting. It was incredible.’”

As a huge Harry Potter fan, I am so excited to get my hands on any and all new reading material and this book is not only informative but I just can’t get over how beautiful it is. One of my favorite aspects of Harry Potter and that universe is how much content there is and how well everything works with each other. It makes it feel so much more real when everything has been laid out and hardly ever do we come across a dead end. This book just helps us dive even deeper into a niche of the universe that no other book has taken us while giving us real life insight as well.

Insight Editions is definitely our go-to for all fandom books. “...Insight strives to produce unique books and products that provide new ways to engage with fan-favorite characters and stories”, says Lauren Kretzschmar of Insight Editions.

Check out all the books they offer at !

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