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Yesterday, the Nerds invaded Oracle Arena in Oakland to see what Marvel Universe Live had in store for fans all over the bay area. But what we saw was just a sample size of the huge production that will dazzle Nerds of all ages.

The parking lot was more filled than we expected, so heading in we knew we weren’t the only ones excited for this show. We were in awe at the amount of trailers and workers running around. This was a sign that this show was going to be EPIC. The word has been out for awhile, personally, I have seen multiple advertisements on all my social media outlets. And that doesn’t include the commercials that pop up during my daily 4 hour DVR binge to catch up on all the shows I missed during the day!

After meeting a few of the organizers of the show, we had a pleasure of seeing a demo of a fight sequence that was part of the show. I wasn’t the only one whose jaws dropped at the display of athleticism and precision. I still can’t believe that no one was hurt after that furious exchange that actually involved weapons.

These performers were literally trained ninjas. Any mistake could result in serious injury. After the demo, we were given an opportunity to meet with the performers and hear more about their personal stories. And each person expressed their passion for the show and highlighted their personal journey to be a part of the show. But what makes what they do more awesome is the fact they are doing these stunts in FULL COSTUME. So, that involves extra preparation for most of the performers. One performer mentioned, “ takes an extra hour for makeup and paint. And another hour after the show to take all the paint off.”

Finally, we got to see some of the costumes that were used in the actual show. Each costume was different and was a testament to the detail that went into each performer.

These are not the costumes that your mom put together for Halloween in elementary school...these were specially made for stunts and flexibility. Some of the costumes were made to resist fire and extreme temperature so I’m guessing we would see a couple of fire and explosion stunts during the show. The masks and headgear that came with the costumes was impressive. First of all, I have no clue how you could see clearly wearing those things, but again, these performers are highly skilled and trained so these would not be an issue at all. And of course, we had to ask if we could try any of the costumes on. But, it was obvious that I did not belong in the costume(I love food too much.)

The show starts tonight in Oakland and will make a stop in San Jose as well. From what we saw, it is going to be out of this world. Tickets are still available for the these shows. This family-friendly show is perfect for Nerds of all don’t want to miss it!

Stay tuned for more coverage of Marvel Universe Live. We will have an exclusive interview with the James Hadley, the Director of the Show. Head to our Facebook page for more pictures of our tour!

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